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Tangle Falls, Jasper N.P.

  Me with Val Wood

February 2020

Well we are now into 2020.  Can't believe how quickly January flew by and now we are part way through February. Christmas was quiet as was New Year, but that was good. We visited with friends but apart from that and the usual "life gets in,the way," things like shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc it's been quiet.  On the writing front I'm trying to get my head back into my current work in progress, but it's a bit of a slog. Not writer's block but other things keep getting in the way of the creativity. It will pass, it always does and then my fingers will fly over the keys. I'm hoping to have the 3rd book in my contemporary Saunders series, "Saunders-Sisters and Lovers," published this year and also the 4th book in my historical Duchess in Danger series, "Dangerous Encounter." So will keep you advised as to progress.

Almost the end of 2019. I just wanted to wish everyone who visits my site a Very Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2020. Thank you for taking the time to check me out and hopefully to look up the books I write.  Can't believe I have just had my 6th book published. Looking forward to seeing what 2020 holds. 

Welcome to my blog.  I will try to update this as often as I can but if I am caught by the writing bug, or if life simply gets in the way, then there may be some delay.

I am re-arranging this blog page so the latest news is now shown first.

May 2018

Gosh , where has the first part of this year gone. I thought, or rather hoped that the beginning of the year would  be better than last year when I lost my lovely nephew, but life is never that easy. I have now lost my darling sister-in-law of more than 62 years. Supporting my brother after losing his son and now his wife was my priority. So something had to take a back seat and sadly it was my website. But I can now update you on what has been happening.

"Betrayal" set near Calgary, Alberta, Canada was launched on the 27th February, which would have been my parent's wedding anniversary. Now I'm excited about my next publication,

"Saunders-Lies and Deception." This is the 1st book in the Saunders series/family saga and, like Betrayal, is set in Canada. This time though the setting is my favourite town, Banff.  If you want to find out the secrets within the Saunders family don't miss Jeff and Sarah's story in Book 1. 


Sorry I missed November and December blogs, so much going on.  Been doing edits for Betrayal (see my books page) and then the run up to Christmas too much on the home calendar. But things will hopefully calm down now. 

Had a lovely restful Christmas day. One of those days when everything just fell into place with no panic or stress. New Years Eve was the same, apart from the throat infection and cough I managed to pick up. But that seems to be sorting itself out. 

Now doing promoting for Betrayal. My first contemporary romance, set near Calgary, Alberta. Will be interesting to see my readers reaction. I just hope they like it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. If you want to get in early, its now available for pre-order from Amazon. I received my pre-release print copy on the 31st December, a lovely way to end what has not been a happy year.  But hopefully 2018 will be good for us all.

October 2017

Just a short update on my good friend Karen Sorensen who I am delighted to say was re-elected for a 3rd term as Mayor of Banff, Alberta, Canada. Way to go Karen, well done!!!

October 2017


There has been a bit of a hold up with the publication of the first book in the Saunders series of contemporary romances set in Banff Canada, but I'm pressing ahead with some advance publication in the form of an interview with Karen Sorensen, the Mayor of Banff, and that can be found on my Guest Blog page. I hope you enjoy reading it and seeing the photos taken on Canada Day. I do have a video of the Calgary Fiddlers playing on Canada Day 2016 but it's too large for my site so it can be found on my Lesley Field Facebook page (I hope) which is open to the public and can be linked from this site.


If you have never been to Banff you are missing something special. Set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains the town site is overlooked by Cascade Mountain and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Of course, there is the odd bear, moose, elk, mountain lion etc.. so one does need to be aware as you are treking through the mountains. Driving along the road it's not unusual to see a bear at the side, sometimes enjoying the dandelions, but don't be tempted to get out of the car to take that all important photo, it could cost you your life and also the bears.  Take the photo through the car window, or lower the window, but do not get out. I had that rule drummed into me years ago by a relative. Elk can also often be seen and, if you are really lucky, you may catch sight of a moose. This is Karen's town and home and also the home of my heart.  Pop along to my Guest Blog and see what Karen has to say.

So perhaps you are wondering why my contemporary novels are set in Canada, and that is simple to answer, Canada has been in my life since I was a child. There was always great excitement at Christmas when the Canadian parcel arrived from relatives, containing all kinds of goodies. Then as I grew older I met with some of my relatives and first visited the country in 1977. But how did those relatives get from a small village near Newcastle, where my dad's family lived, to the other side of the pond?  Well, the family story is that my dad's eldest sister, Lizzie, lied about her age to get passage to America, but when she got to the port the ship had sailed so she had to wait for another passage. And that was fortunate, for the year was 1912 and the ship she missed was the Titanic. If she had sailed on that she would most probably have perished. But she travelled to America and then into Canada, met her husband Ted and raised a large family on a farm in Saskatchewan.

When I first visited in 1977 with my mum, I fell in love with the country and over the last 40 years that love has grown. I am fortunate that my husband shares my passion for Canada and we visit whenever we can, more so now that he has relatives living there. Every time we come home I leave a little part of me there. So writing the Saunders series and setting it in my favourite town of Banff was easy. I just hope that my readers enjoy following the trials of the Saunders family.


September 2017


It's been one stressful year up to now but I'm hoping that things will start to get better. 


On the writing front exciting things have happened. I have a new publisher, Crooked Cat Books.  I am delighted to have been accepted by them and they are to publish a contemporary romance called, "Betrayal." This is set in Canada, near to Calgary, and I hope that my readers will enjoy it when it is released in March 2018 as an e-book, and then in print a short while later.


Also on the writing front MuseItUp have accepted the last two books in the "Duchess in Danger," series, "Dangerous Encounter," and "Dangerous Desire."  Both will be published as e-books in 2018 and then my wonderful hubby will put them out in print form through CreateSpace.




At the moment not a lot is happening, apart from the everyday stuff (and we all know what stuff is!!)


I am patiently waiting for a deluge of mail from Muse It Up prior to the editing of Dangerous Entrapment. So while I have some quality time I am writing away on another historical novel.  Will it ever reach print? Well that is the question, but if it does, you will be one of the first to know.


Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and prosperous 2015.


Next year will be exciting with the publication of Dangerous Entrapment and I will let you know the publication date as soon as I can.


Well the latest news is that I have now had the first lot of Edits from my publishers so things are moving although I don't have a publication date yet.


On the writing front the plot lines are flying into my head and it's a case of which to go with first.


Just a short up-date on Dangerous Entrapment. Although I am still in edits it is hoped that the release date will be May 2015.  I will post a specific date as soon as I know this.  


In the meantime I am still writing. 


Well if you have seen the Home Page you will know that "Dangerous Entrapment" now has a release date of 11th August 2015. Details of price etc are on the MuseItUp website under "coming soon."  


I hope you like the cover for the novel, the girl on the front is 95% how I have imagined "Isobella" as I was writing. So that was a wonderful portrayal by Charlotte Volnek who is responsible for the art work, and who worked from my description.


Latest news is that, "Dangerous Entrapment" is now available for  pre-ordering. But please note that this book contains ADULT CONTENT.

If you enjoyed reading "Dangerous Entrapment" please rate the book. Also send me a comment on my Facebook page (see link below) all comments, are welcome.


Well, I'm less than 48 hours from publication and hope that I attract readers and that they like my novel, and also the story of Isobella.  I wish I could say that it's all been excitement awaiting release, but that would be a lie. In fact I had the worst thing happen when I logged onto my laptop a couple of weeks ago, only to be faced with a blank screen.


My Mr R. (my techno man) managed to get it working for a couple of days, but after that it would only work in safe mode.  Thankfully everything was backed up, all I needed was a new laptop.  So that was how I spent one Tuesday morning, choosing a new writing companion, and then depleting the bank balance. Having resolved one disaster, I was somewhat prepared for the next one, when 2 days later, I was back in the same store purchasing a new washer/dryer.  Who said life was a breeze...


Today I'm guest blogging on Iona Brodie's website, so if you have a moment, and the inclination, check it out at


So now I am hoping for an eneventful couple of days until Tuesday.  My launch party will be attended by my publishers in virtual reality, since they are in Canada, but I have been given permission to eat/drink their share.


Anyway, I'm hoping that "Dangerous Entrapment" is the first in my "Duchess in Danger" series.  There are others, so watch this space....


Keep a lookout for further publications.


My launch party was a great success.  My friend and mentor "Val Wood," was my guest of honour. See opposite for photos, although I look very serious having been persuaded to do a short reading from the first chapter, and Val looks just as serious as she listens. I believe that "Dangerous Entrapment" was in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon when it came out, so a big thank you to all who bought it.  I hope you enjoyed Isobella and Richard's story, if you did, please rate it on Amazon. Ratings mean such a lot to authors, but please only rate truthfully. If you didn't enjoy it, please say so, my shoulders are broad enough to take it!! If you wish to comment on the book you can contact me through my e-mail address on my home page.


Spent the evening of the 5th November not watching fireworks, but attending Val Wood's launch at Waterstones in Hull, followed by supper in Beverley. A great evening and I hope that one day I will be half a successful as she is.  See photo's on this page.


But on the 4th November I received some good news, see below...


Breaking News:  My contemporary romance series "Saunders" has been acccepted by MuseItUp. There are 3 books in the series, the first is "Saunders - Lies and Deception."  Saunders is the family name of Hotel owners in Banff, Canada. A well known and respected family, but are there 

secrets and lies that will tear this family apart? Come with me into the jewel of the rockies and discover all....


Some artists have a "Muse" who helps their work, me I have something different.  A very aerobic squirrel who has developed a liking to our bird nut feeder.  So I am not so much "mused" as "amused" by its antics. But it's cute and I have no intention of chasing it away.


Well only 4 days to Christmas so thought I would take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful 2016.  I hope that all of our hopes and dreams come true. See you in 2016 for more news on Saunders as things develop.


So we are now into February 2016 and this year up to now has been amazing.   I have received a contract for the 2nd book in my Saunders series which is set in Banff Canada.


And my biggest news to date, which is already mentioned on my home page, is that "Dangerous Entrapment" is shortlisted in the Historical category of the ROMNA Awards 2016.  Some authors never get shortlisted, some wait for years for it to happen, so how come I'm shortlisted on my first attempt and with my first publication?  I don't know, but I am absolutely delighted.  The Awards Ceremony is on the 7th March and I will be sitting there with baited breath waiting to see who has won. Do I think I'll win, realisitcally, no, but it won't stop me from hoping. And the delightful Fern Britton is presenting the awards on the night, so that will be great.  Loved watching her on Ready Steady Cook, with that infectious giggle.


Lovely article about my shortlisting in our local newspaper, see alongside.  Also I'm being interviewed on Radio York on the 2nd March at about 3-15pm by Anna Wallace.  So if you can listen in...


Sorry folks I have been away for some time. Life does tend to get in the way at times.  Sadly I didn't win my category at the RNA Awards but the person who did went on to also win the Romantic Novel of the Year so there was strong competition. But it was a wonderful evening and something that I may never experience again, and I got to have a quick chat with the lovely Katie Fforde.


I have now signed the 3rd Contract in the Saunders Series (Saunders - Sisters and Lovers). The Saunders series is to launch next year with each book coming out about 6 months apart. Set in beautiful Banff in the heart of the Rocky Mountains you can uncover the secrets that tore this family apart. Then follow the family as they try to rebuild their lives.


I have also signed a contract for a second historical novel which is called "Dangerous Deception." Now we ladies take women's lib for granted but in the days of my heroine Caroline, a woman was nothing more than her husband's chattel.  So when you read Caroline (or Callie's) story be sure to be thankful for those suffragettes.  It's darker than Dangerous Entrapment but I hope that you will enjoy it just as much.  Watch my books page for a teaser from it over the next couple of weeks. 


Only 3 days to go to the launch of "Dangerous Deception," I do hope you enjoy this second book in the Duchess in Danger series. As I said before, this book is darker than the first. It's a story of love, duty and revenge.  When Caroline's world turns from heaven into hell, she can do only one thing, survive!!


Well my launch went well.  Had a small gathering of friends, including 3 of my fellow authors, Linda Acaster, Sylvia Broady and (Hull's answer to Catherine Cookson) Val Wood.  It was a jolly gathering with a buffet provided by the household staff and of course we toasted the success of the book with  a glass of prosecco.  I hope my readers enjoy reading Callie's story, it's darker and more intense than Dngerous Entrapment, but it was a story that my heart told my head to write.


Now with Christmas looming I may try and do some more writing, before we get started on the edits for the first of my contemporary novels. This is my Saunders series set in Banff Canada. The first novel "Saunders - Lies and Deception," will hopefully be released Spring/Summer 2017, followed by "Saunders - Endings and Beginnings," in about the Fall/Winter 2017, and the final book in the trilogy, "Saunders - Sisters and Lovers," in Spring/Summer 2018.


But don't despair, the Duchess in Danger series is not finished.  Well, unless my publishers don't accept the next book in the series, which I am doing a final read through on at the moment.  


So life is busy, but with a bit of luck I'll have a couple of days off over the Christmas period. And I thought that retirement would mean I'd be able to take it easy!!


Well we are now into 2017 and my blog has been quiet due to unhappy events that have taken place. First I lost a dear friend of almost 50 years, then my nephew died and now my aunt has passed away. That was the family bad news but I have just attended the 4th funeral this year and am hoping that it's the last for quite a while. 


One the writing front I have been busy.  I have signed Contracts for the next 2 books in the Duchess in Danger series, "Dangerous Desire," and "Dangerous Encounter," both are due for publication next year.


I am still awaiting a definite release date for the first of the Saunders Series but it should be out this summer. So watch this space!!


Both the 1st and 2nd books in the Duchess in Danger series, "Dangerous Entrapment," and "Dangerous Deception," are now out in print as well as in e-book format. (See my books page)  My lovely husband has deal with setting them up on CreateSpace and has also designed the covers for both books, making them as close to the covers on the e-books as possible.


I am continuing on with writing and will keep you posted as to what is coming next. Hopefully I will be able to now keep this page more up-to-date.


You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter or contact me at :-

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